TD Holding

A construction holding company with broad experience

About the Company

TD Holding is a quality-oriented, highly experienced construction holding that works tirelessly to meet the demands of the highly competitive market and to provide it with exclusive services taking into account the latest developments and innovations in the construction sector. TD Holding pays special attention to each customer and clearly fulfills its obligations.

The holding unites three companies, namely:

  • TD Construction
  • TD Development
  • TD Materials


The Holding aims to set elevated standards within the market, delivering top-notch work and aspiring to become a prominent leader in the construction sector.


  • Focus on quality
  • Teamwork
  • Purposefulness
  • Constant development
  • Social responsibility

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თიდი ქონსთრაქშენი თიდი ჰოლდინგი TDconstruction TD holding
თიდი ქონსთრაქშენი თიდი ჰოლდინგი TDconstruction TD holding


Rehabilitation of water pipes and plumbing (sawage) system; Construction;
Excavation (Foundation; Processing of rocky ground);
Heavy equipment rental;
Transportation services (transportation of inert material; transportation of construction materials and equipment);
Production of concrete products

Performed projects

Didube district, A. Tsereteli Avenue rehabilitation works.

Lisi Veranda, construction of an individual residential house.

Temka Park, rehabilitation of Romelashvili street.

Gldani district, Rehabilitation of 26 May street.

Saburtalo district. Gagarini Square, Isakadze Street.

Saburtalo district, Citizen Development. Drainage d1400 mm collector relocation works.

Saburtalo district, modern water pumping station. Koshigora.

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